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Developer Since Oct 7, 2006 12:48:15 AM and has published 1 Applications.
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Company Name: Zoho
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About hariharan : Software engineering is an obsession for me. It has been ten years since I was introduced to programming in my final years of school days and my fantasy with computers never had and never will see a downward journey.

I am a co-developer of deluge, the scripting language for 4 years now, starting even before it was integrated in to zohocreator.

I learned at adventnet (the parent company of zoho) that I can tremendously multiply by usefulness if I can mix my blind obsession of programming with domain knowledge and customer support and since then I have been constantly striving to improve on them.

When zohocreator team was looking for app contributers, I was more then pleased to give life to my unimplemented ideas.

My first contribution will be CRM, my favorite domain other than raw programming.