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Developer Since Dec 22, 2007 9:06:08 AM and has published 9 Applications.
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Company Name: Pascal Veilleux || NSI Solution inc.
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Phone : Montréal 514-910-5587 | Paris 08 70 44 50 22 | San Francisco 415-508-3803

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“I had the pleasure to work with Pascal on a web based application that I had designed for my blog. The challenge was not in building the application but integrating it with WordPress, the blog platform I had chosen. Pascal understood exactly what I was looking to do, improved my design and delivered exactly what I needed on time. It was a great experience and a learning for me. I had received lower cost offers from all over the world and it was clear that Pascal was the only Consultant who had understood what I was looking to do and delivered it. In IT projects, price is not ending word.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
Jacques Sapriel

"Pascal is a great businessman and a friendly person to work with. He has provided solutions to many customers using Zoho Creator. He has created couple of Zoho Creator applications which are completely out-of-this-world. Nobody could have ever imagined it! I highly recommend Pascal to get your business solution done.”
Raffic Aslam , Customer Relations Manager , Adventnet

“Pascal have created a nice database solution for me based on ZOHO Creator - it worked very nice first time it was implemented. Speedy and according to our deals, so I recommend Pascal.”
Top qualities: Great Results , Good Value , On Time
Poul Tang, Denmark, hired Pascal as a IT Consultant in 2008 [Full story]

“Pascal is driven to create "masterpiece" projects using Zoho Creator. He has demonstrated the commitment, skill and passion to deliver excellence to his clients - an ideal partner and great business person. I highly recommend Pascal to anyone wanting to explore Web 2.0 applications and looking for a solution provider to build custom applications using tools like Zoho Creator and other technologies to complete projects on time and on budget.”
Ian Wenig , Senior Director Strategic Alliances , Zoho

“Pascal nous a permis d'optimiser la gestion de notre backoffice grâce à sa bonne connaissance et ses compétences de Zoho CREATOR. Pascal est particulièrement réactif, professionnel et compétent dans son travail. Nous remercions Pascal pour son professionnalisme et sa gentillesse.”
Eric Charpentier, Président dWého