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 Simple HelpDesk by sriram
Zoho HelpDesk is an WebBased Help Desk solution for Small and Medium Business Units. It serves as a common place for managing Employee Requests and Trouble Tickets pertaining to an organizations IT infrastructure. It drastically reduces ticket resolution times by automating dispatch, notifications and quick access to information.

It provides extensive reports on Employee Requests based on Priority, Status, Tehnician and Deadline. Deadlines are gauged based on the SLA for the Requests. The Reports enables the Technician to prioritize the Requests based on the Severity of the Requests thereby aiding the Organization to adhere to the SLA. It also provides monthly reports for the Service Requests.

It has extensive rule based workflows to automate the whole process, right from the time the Requests enters the Zoho Help Desk Database upto Closing the Request upon successfull completion of the Task. While Technicians are notified whenever a Request is assigned to them, they also contribute to the overall Knowledge Base by Logging the Resolutions when closing the Request. A separate Notification is sent to the Requester on successfull completion of the Request.
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