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Developer Since Aug 22, 2007 9:23:22 AM and has published 3 Applications.
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Company Name: ZohoCorp
About rajeshu : I am Rajesh, a Software Developer based in India well versed with Deluge Script, HTML, Java Script and Ajax. I also have extensive knowledge of PHP, Java, JSP, Servlets and Struts. One of my abilities is to create Mash-ups between Creator and other applications.

I have created many real time applications which are being used by our Organization internally for a long time without any complaints. My contribution to marketplace are Travel Tracker and Assignment Tracker applications.

I am well aware of all the features of Creator 3.0 and willing to lend a hand in creating exciting and challenging applications. A bunch of Tips and Tricks are up my sleeve which I would like to Share with other Developers, assisting them in creating more robust and mature applications.