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  Dorothy 1604 TX I am a single black female looking for new friends to write and have fun with, prefer someone open-minded and single.                 Release expected may 2011  
  Robert 1605 FL Hot bi w/m 35 years old br hair, blue eyes, mustache, 5'10'' 170lbs. Looking for LTR age/race open. Firm body, works out, love outdoors, camping, walks on beach/forest. Holding hands. Great sense of humor. Seek very feminine male or M to F answer all with photos.     35 Cisman   Bisexual White        
  Chris 1607 TX                        
  Demetrius 1609 FL Unable to get newsletter due to FL restrictions :(                      
  Frazier 1610 PA                        
  Homer 1611 TX                        
  Steven 1613 CA Hi my name is Steven. I'm a S/W/G male w/ Dk. Bld. hair & Bl/Grey eyes. I am 6'1" & 210 lbs. Plans of loosing some of it. I am financialy secure, have many hobbies, and interests. Looking for a S/W/G male between ages 18 and 36 who is in shape and who is looking to be more than penpals in the end.           Gay          
  James 1615 FL                        
  John 1617 PA I'm a white male, 45 yrs old, 6'6", 240 lbs. I'm looking for someone older to talk to, get to know, maybe become friends, race doesn't matter, gay or transgender.                 Release expected min 2025, max 2050  
CeCe Chrishaun 1619 MN         Transwoman She            
  Jimmie 1620 MO                        
Star John 1628 PA I am an all out queen, my queen name is star.  having a hard time in prison due to queer identity.  Lonely.  Looking for a penpal.        Transwoman              
  Wesley 1629 NC My name is Wesley Scott Mikael. Prison Number 0470002. Date of Birth 8/29/77. White male 33 years old. 5'7'' 202 lbs Bald head in prison for armed robbery serving 47 yrs 9 months 25 days Looking for any Race any age just need friends and support anyone welcome please respond                      
  Veronica 1631 TX I'm a vivacious, sexy, smart single Latina who loves to be open. Interested in all cultures, enjoy those who are open to all things.             Latina / Latino   Release expected 3/26/2012  
  Secel 1633 CA         Transwoman              
  Andrew 1634 TX Virgo, black/white, born in Brooklyn, moved to Fort Worth TX -- poet, hopeless romantic.                      
  Shannon 1635 WA                        
  Ronald 1636 MO                        
  Robert 1639 IL 37 year old white male. I stand 5'11 and weigh 230 pounds. I have green eyes and keep a bald shaved head. I enjoy all types of conversation. I draw quite a bit and love japanese style art. I enjoy all sorts of music. The majority of my time is spent working or sitting in a cell. Anyone with any lifestyle can write. T.V. T.G. Fem gay queer. Any and all. Please write.   Robert_Nail_12.1.13.pdf       Gay          
  Gildardo 1640 ID                        
  Jonathan 1641 FL 35 year old black male 5'7, 176 pounds all muscles with numerous tattoos. Looking for a serious friend to stay in contact with that's open minded about the world we living in.     35 Cisman   Bisexual Black   Life sentence life  
  Dwight 1642 MI 35 Yr old Black man. Good-hearted, intelligent. I am extending a hand in friendship. My intentions are to share experiences, thoughts, advice, ideals, goals, dreams, laughs, and mental stimulation.                      
  Jeffrey 1644 NY             Gay          
  Rahman 1647 FL In search of a penpal who's going to be sincere in corresponding with me, any race. I'm a Black male, athletic.                      
  Mark 1648 CA         Cisman He Bisexual White        
  Brian 1650 TX       36 Cisman He Gay          
Lil. C. Demetrious 1651 TX I was born and raised in Ft. Worth TX. I enjoy writing, reading, and playing sports. I am interested in meeting new people and learning new things. I believe there's a creator but I am non religious. I am serving a AGG 25 sentence for robbery     31 Cisman He Bisexual Black   Release expected parole eligible 1.17.17/wrap up 7.29.29  
  Don-Salvadore 1653 OR I'm 25, Native American, black hair, brown eyez, and a little flamey. Someone supportive with a good attitude and professional is a good match.           Bisexual     Release expected 5/12/2026  
Chuck Charles 1654 TX Gay, this I am. Today incarcerated, In an awful jam. Denied sex, friendship as well. Who would believe, this type of hell. The truth, is here to read. Pay attention, please take heed. Take my hand, help me out. Do not hesitate, have no doubt. Be friend me, stand at my side. Fill me with Gay Pride. Be not afraid, I will hurt you not. Forever thankful, for all we got. Talk to me, you have my ear. Trust me, you have nothing to fear. Love me, if you will. Now and forever, yes until. Write me, do it please. This I ask you, upon my knees. Send a picture, from head to toe. It will set me totally aglow.
With all my love,
Chuck. Your Gay Brother.
  Insanity.JPG 69 Cisman He Gay   Muslim Life sentence    
  Andrew 1656 TX   I am 56 years old, with light brown hair, blue yes, weight 195 lbs.  I am very athletic, and a Certified Public Health Facilitater.  I am into leather and jewelry craft and have earned a college degree while in prison.  My interests are sports, reading, writing, animals, cooking, and baking.  I don’t enjoy talking about politics and religion.  I consider myself open minded.                       
Christine Christine 1657 TX           She            
  James 1659 TX                        
  Sam 1660 CA I'm seeking someone who can enliven me and be a inspiration in my life. A special person who only wants a truthful and hoest friendship. (Age open)                 Release expected around 3/14  
  Todd 1661 TX                        
  Mark 1662 FL         Cisman   Gay White        
  Alexis 1664 FL                        
  Enrique 1665 CA                        
  Derek 1666 NY Incarcerated African male, age 44, 5′ 9″, 200 lbs in excellent shape/health. Looking to correspond with feminine transgender persons. Interests include: writing poetry/music, book manuscripts, bike riding and letter writing.                      
  Stephanie 1667 GA                        
  William 1668 PA My name is william Perkins. I'm a 29 year old black man who enjoys music, cooking, sports, and trying to live the Christian life.     29       Black        
  Maurice 1669 IL     Maurice_Pledger_PIL_12.23.13.pdf                  
  Aaron 1672 FL                        
  Kevin 1689 CA                        
  Ben 1691 TX                        
  Raleigh 1693 TX I'm a GWM with green eyes and brown hair. 6'2", 180 lbs. Likes gardening and fishing. A very country boy. Big-hearted, but shy. Looking for a gay or bi to write with or to share interests with.                      
  Troy 1696 MO         Cisman   Straight White      
  Jason 1698 TX                        
  Stacy 1700 FL I'm 21 years of age and transgender. I've been this way since the age of 11. I have no family and have been on my own since the age of 16, I'm looking for a true and genuine friend, who will guide me in the right direction, to get my life back on track.       Transwoman         Release expected 3/8/2013  
Michelle Michael 1703 VA                      
  Dale 1704 TX Lonely bisexual, loves to draw (portraits, etc) and write nice poetry. Seeking a caring person, who won't judge me or look down on me.           Bisexual          
  Mr. Willie 1706 NV Serious man seeking serious friendship with someone intelligent and seriously interested in a friend inside...send photos, likes, and dislikes for a response.                      
  Edward 1708 PA             Gay          
  Christopher 1710 FL                        
  Joshua 1711 WA             Bisexual          
  Johnny 1713 FL I am a lonely prince, I am puerto rican and black, just need a good friend to write.             Mixed        
  Tim 1714 IN I am a white gay male age 50. I did 9 1/2 years in prison for 3 counts of criminal deviant conduct, will explain more when asked. I would love to write black gay males that are versatile or tops. I am looking for a long term relationship (marriage). I am back in prison because of discrimination from my homophobic parole officer.         He Gay          
  Christopher 1715 MI                        
  Gaylynn 1716 TX I am looking for a gay pen pal. I am a 39 year old white male. I am 5'10'' and I weigh 184 lbs. I have Auburn hair and green eyes with gold flares. I am of a medium muscular build. I'm looking for a pen-pal who is gay, who is 21-40 yrs old and am looking for Mexican pen-pal- but will write anyone- looking also for a long-lasting friendship but am open to a relationship.                      
  Theresa 1718 TX I am a African American, mixed breed female. I am down to earth, very understanding, nonjudgmental, easy going, a good listener, caring, and very outgoing. I enjoy all types of music, playing poker, chess, volleyball, a lil basketball. I love watching football as well as traveling and going on shopping spurts. I am a Nondenominational Believer. I try to leave Religion out o fmy beliefs which I do believe in God, Jesus and Holy spirit. I have been incarcerated for 20 years with no family alive.
5'8" 180lbs
brown eyes, black hair
Friends or Romance   47 Ciswoman She Lesbian Mixed Christian   03-26-2031  
Mr. Real Marcus 1719 TX I am a ex - drug, gang banger, was a wild and crazy young person and have now turned into a grown, refined man. I like to sing, listen/talk about music, movies and everyday propaganda. I'm a realist and don't play games, make excuses, or lie to anyone. I believe in God, but don't have a religion. I am open to new things. I want to open a string of gay and lesbian clubs.     30 Cisman   Gay Black   Release expected 03-Sep-2022  
DeeDee Douglas 1721 OH I'm a G.W.M 38 looking for other gays for friendship, possibly a relationship. I'm 5'10'',,and 170lbs with hazel eyes,and long dark brown hair. I like to read romance novels, write letters, read my Bible and exercise. I also like to build jewelry boxes when I can. I am lonely and would like to meet other GLBT inmates to correspond with to pass the time and to meet new friends.         He         March 2014  
  Cheyenne 1722 TX                        
  Ralph 1723 MA I've been in prison for 16 years. I feel like I'm living a double life and I'm confused and drowned with guilt. I wish I had someone to listen or understand, who won't judge me or turn on me. I'd really like to hear from dom black men, I like a man who will take charge of the relationship.                    
  Michael 1725 MI I'm a 24 year old bisexual, white male. I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I like to cook, read, watch TV, music, poetry, and dance.                 Release expected 2019  
  Carlett 1730 TX My name is Carlett Thompson sexy single black female 27 yrs. old 5'1", 145, long black hair brown eyes. I'm seeking a sincere relationship will relocate. sincere relationship   27   She   Black        
  Lawrence 1731 OH                        
  Stephen 1732 NY             Gay          
  Stanislav 1733 OH                   Life sentence    
  Thomas 1735 TX                        
  Frank 1736 TX     20131208_193746.jpg 37 Cisman   Gay     Release expected 2042  
  Chasity 1737 TX                        
  Francisco 1741 TX                        
  Mickey 1744 TX                        
Willow Jimmy 1748 CA My name is willow. I'm transgender. I'd like to hear from a bisexual man between 35-60. I'm Native American, White, and Mexican. Looking for a friend.       Transwoman              
  Darnell 1753 NY                        
Jade Alexis Dean 1755 AR I'm originally from Florida, come from Military family, enjoy travelling to new places, meeting new people. I got a 10 year sentence for theft and parole out March 6th 2013 -- so excited! Black males, mixed males, white males   30   She   White     3-6--2013  
Chris White Christopher 1758 TX I've been gay my whole life! Because of this my family has abandoned ship on me. I need someone to justify my existence in this world. Someone I can talk to someone who will care weather I live or die. I'm a good hearted person. I love sports and fantasy novels. I also play Dungeons and Dragons. I love to laugh and smile and have a good time. I cannot wait to hear from you. Any   34 Cisman He Gay White Wiccan Life sentence 2039  
  Cynthia 1759 TX       49 Ciswoman   Bisexual Black        
  James 1760 TX                        
  James 1761 TX I am a bisexual 20 year old Black man seeking a cute, feminine transgender friend for friendship and emotional support.           Bisexual          
  David 1764 OK Hey if its a Michelangelonian body you crave and yearn for I'm your guy. For I am truly "David". I'm 6'1" tall, BK-NA, Irish with brown eyes. Bisexual with the stamina of a stud horse. So when feeling lonely or incapacitated feel free to write me.                      
  Jarrett 1765 CA                        
  Wesely 1767 NY I like T-girls! Black, White, and every color in between, A I would like to just talk with someone who understands me, the REAL ME!                      
Sidney RALPH 1768 CA       49 Transwoman She            
  Adolph 1772 CA I am a good person that loves to read books and write, I love cats and dogs, and I am a lonely prisoner. I am looking for a true friend. Someone that can be serious about writing to me. Friendly.   67 Cisman   Gay Black Christian Release expected 2029  
  Shaval 1775 MO                        
  Horatio 1788 LA                        
  Edward 1789 WA                        
  Jonathan 1790 FL                        
Tracie Travis 1792 CO       29 Transwoman She Bisexual White      
  Kenny 1794 OK                     March 3, 2018  
  Onaray 1797 FL                        
  Kitty 1798 NY I am a 46 yr old, pre-operative transsexual currently incarcerated. I would like to write to everyone out there.
      Transwoman She            
  Robert 1799 PA                        
  Willie 1800 FL                        
  Terry 1805 TX                 Wiccan      
Melvin Hudman Melvin 4195 MA   CHRISTIAN             Christian      
  Willie 4197 FL                        
  Fred 4198 FL                        
  Dwayne 4200 FL                        
  Gary 4201 CA                        
  Darrell 4203 FL   a friend with a beautiful soul   48       Black Christian      
Dale Dale 4208 MO I am a 38 year old white male.     38 Cisman     White        
  Willie 4211 FL   age 25 years or older   34                
  Tali 4212 OK       30 Cisman   Bisexual American Indian        
  Richard 4213 CA My name is Richard Chabot. I am a gay black 20 year old incarcerated in California State prison. I am looking for a gay pen-pal/lover/friend. Female in relationship. I am funny, cute, and a square. I like having fun and watching the sunrise and sunset. gay male   20 Cisman   Gay Black        
  Sophi 4214 CA                        
Joseph Eldridge Joseph 4217 AZ   friendships and others fighting for LGBTQ in and out of the prison system     Cisman He Gay       10-20-2017  
  Johnny 4218 MO                        
  Thomas 4219 NY                        
  Sammie 4220 FL   gay man     Cisman   Bisexual          
  Tommy 4222 TX                        
  Crystal 4223 CA       22     Lesbian          
  Roger 4234 LA                        
Maria Benny 4238 CA well I am 5'7" 230lbs. I am tan. I have long dark brown hair and eyes. I like to lisen to music and take long walks. all   28 Transwoman She   Mixed   Release expected 9-7-18  
Jazzie Jazzie 4240 CA           She            
  Gary 4242 TX                        
Rusty/Russ Rusty 4243 MO                        
Jameson Johnson Jameson 4244 CA                 Jewish      
L. Ramon 22 Luis Ramon 4245 CA   Open-minded, happy-go-lucky, horny, real   46 Cisman Ze Bisexual   Christian   25-Feb-2014  
Harry Harry 4246 TX                        
Nicco Everado 4247 CA I'm 44 years old, 6'1", black hair, brown eyes.     44   He       Release expected 12-Mar-2014  
Eric Eric 4250 MA                        
  Richard 4252 MD I'm 46 years young and from Baltimore. I'm looking for a Christian friend to help me in my faith. I'm a kind, caring person.     46         Christian Release expected    
Jason Hawthorne Jason 4253 CA                        
Gregory Gregory 4256 AR My name is Gregory Vann. I am a very good-looking man with hazel-brown eyes, muscular, 5'7", and love to work out to keep my body in good health.
I love to cook, it makes me feel good when I can for myself and other people. I'll do or try just about anything when it comes to my body, so I love all sports. R&B and jazz are all that I care for. Looking for a person that I can be open with and that I can talk to and understand my feelings. I consider myself to be a compassionate, sensitive, devout, and very respectful about your needs. I'm a different kind of man. And the thing that makes me different is that I've never been in love, and I've never had no one that I can call my own,
But since I have a new look on life, and have God in my life, I want what I never had. I won't say too much, but if you're looking for a good man, lets talk. Whatever it is that you want to know about me, please ask, and I will tell you. What ever you would like to know. On heart that is lost, is now looking.
      Cisman He       Release expected September 2014  
  LaPatrick 4257 CA       43       Black        
Jay Jayson 4259 TX   all welcome, but have an attraction to beautiful transgender females   39 Cisman     White     10/2013 or 2/2015  
Bill William 4260 VA I am a 33 yr old Gay Native American from a small reservation in South Dakota. I've been gay for my whole life. I am doing a 60 month sentence out of Sioux Falls, S.D. I enjoy playing darts, bowling, and pool. I also enjoy playing handball. I like to go out for movies and dinner. I am a nice and caring man and am looking forward to hearing from you! I am looking for good, positive and supportive friendships to start a new life away from crime.
mentor, friendships   33 Cisman   Gay American Indian Native American   12/30/15  
  James 4261 FL                        
  Skyler 4262 TX   Between the ages of 21-40         Bisexual Black        
  Earl 4263 AK                        
  Caleb 4266 FL                   Release expected    
Jesse Jessica 4267 CA                        
  Richard 4276 WA           He            
Derrickonel D. Bouya Derrickonel 4277 LA I'm a strong man, a real man, you make no demands, nor commands. I am a ruler and i govern my life under a strong condition. I have multiple hobbies and interests with strong beliefs in all areas and walks of life, so bless me with your precious time and you will appreciate the chivalry in return. "It doesn't matter"   34 Cisman He Attracted to Men Black Muslim   "n/a"  
  Robert 4278 MI I am 44 years old, baby blue eyes, medium build and I stand 5'7" tall. I love to cuddle, going fishing, camping even on vacation. A "gal" to have a loyal romantic pen pal relationship. Requests a picture of his pen pal, and an address.   44 Cisman He Straight          
  Samara 4280 WA Looking for an application for a pen pal                      
  William 4283 TX Would like 2 Western Books and 1 English Dictionary.         He     Wiccan      
Don Bell Donald 4285 TX A tattoo flash artist who loves bikes, cars, and traveling and lives the rockabilly lifestyle. Wants to own his own tattoo bus. Someone with a rockabilly lifestyle and who likes bikes, cars, and tattoos.   51 Cisman He   White     01-July-2015  
Jim/Jimbo James 4286 TX I'm a fun-loving gay male who is very active. I love laughing, but can also be serious and supportive when needed. Reading, leather crafting, all sports keep my attention. I have 40 years for (Sol tw comm?), capital murder, very long story. Looking for friendship to share good times with. friendship, seeing/experiencing life through somebody else's eyes     Cisman He Gay White Christian   2023  
  Monique 4287 TX                        
Joshua Joshua 4288 ID           He            
Jerry Jerry 4290 TX I am 5'11'', 190 lbs., blue eyes. I am a person who loves the outdoors. I am very competitive. I work out and stay in shape and love to read. I listen to country music and I'm very understanding and caring. I'm looking for someone to talk about life and this crazy world we live in. Friendship, one who likes to talk and listen.   31   He   White Christian   2034  
  Charles 4291 OH On death row for killing a "Prison Bullie" who was raping, bullying, and abusing him and his LGBTQ friends.     49 Cisman He Gay Black   Death sentence    
Dayrin Dayrin 4292 TX           He Bisexual Black        
  Tracey 4293 PA       44                
  Tarron 4295 MO           He            
Nigel Nigel 4297 NC           He            
  Robert 4300 FL I enjoy singing. I've been a lead singer in a band since I was 16 years old. I also write a lot of poetry/songs and play the guitar. Gay man of any race or age with an open heart and mind   41 Cisman He Gay White     2030  
willie Willie 4301 FL 5-10, 190 lbs with light black skin. work out regularly age 21-40   30 Cisman He   Black        
Black Horse Leroy 4303 NY           He Bisexual          
Robert Robert 4305 NY   anyone. Gay or transgender.       He       Release expected 2018  
  Luis 4306 PA                        
Bryan Bryan 4307 OH   honest, open-minded
in touch with their feminine side
a bit of a freak
  39 Cisman He            
  William 4310 UT                        
  William 4311 UT                        
  John 4312 TX tattoo artist, likes to have fun anyone   30 Cisman He Gay          
  David 4313 CA                        
Scoobie Scott 4315 FL       34 Cisman   Gay White   Release expected 01-Nov-2013  
  Robert 4317 PA                        
Jessica James 4318 MO       34 Transwoman She       Life sentence    
Artis White Artis 4319 CA       39       Black        
Norman Norman 4329 OR                        
Matthew Matthew 4330 PA I am 38 years old. I am 6 foot tall, 165 lbs. I have several tattoo's. I "prefer" men who are either black (afro american), or latin, yet ANY race will do. I am looking to find someone for a serious long term friendship/ relationship. I am the woman in the relationship.   38     Attracted to Men          
Danny Danny 4332 TX I am from Houston Texas. I am 45 years old and I've been in prison now for almost 22 years. I have a 35 year sentence and will see parole again in Jan. of 2015. I do hope to make it this time. I'm 5'11'' and weigh 208 solid. I'm a body builder and have been working out the whole time I've been locked up. I have brown curly hair and green eyes. My hair is gray on the sides. I love to read horror and Stephen King is my favorite to read. I love all music, no rap though. Classic rock is my favorite and my favorite color is dark red. I love tigers too. I am a gay white male and race is no factor. I love all people. I'm very open minded and honest and would very much like the same in return. I'm not after money, I have my own so I'll write to anyone and everyone that writes to me. I'm into reading, body building, music, hand ball, anything that has to do with outer space, the moon and stairs are great. I have no living family and I'm a very lonely guy. Will write to anyone and everyone who writes to him.   45 Cisman   Gay White   Release expected parole in 2015  
R. Joseph R. 4334 AZ                        
Emberlyn Serynity Darling Preston 4335 AZ Music, love stories, cooking, fashion, shopping, would love to be a model, like to learn. Sentenced to 15 years for being connected to the murder of a child molester.     31 Transwoman She Bisexual Mixed   Release expected 5.1.14  
Marion Marion 4336 LA                        
N. Addy Newman 4337 TX I am Mr. Newman Addy, a Christian incarcerated in TOCJ for having an affair with 17 years old female. I am immigrant from Africa living in the US for over 20 years. I'm lonely and writting to inquire whether I can get a pen pal. Female who is Christian and willing to write me back. I do like big white women whom may be willing to help me with prayers to have another chance. I may also be asking the whole church for my prayers I want to keep my green card and support my family in Africa.     Cisman     Black Christian      
  Antonio 4339 FL My name is for "now" Antonio E. Brady. I'm 6'1 and 175 pounds. I'm deep loving, devoted, respectful, responsible, good self esteem, loyal, organized, determined, friendly. Queer/Trans   24   He            
Garrett Lante Garrett 4340 WV       23 Cisman He Gay          
Robert Stehman Robert 4342 MO                        
  Vincent 4345 TX I have been locked up since March 28th, 1985. My hometown is Dallas, Texas. I am 5' 9", 218 pounds, and a single man. My favorite type of movies is comedy. My favorite actor is Jim Carrey. I'm a good man and love people. I loved a sexy woman in the free world. Since I've been in TDCJ, I have fooled around with a man, and I'll likely do a man if he is white. I do not get mail from the free world except maybe from my aunt. My favorite music is hip hop and '85 music. looking for friendships, maybe when I go home I'll be a penpal   49   He Bisexual Black Christian      
Sunfox Marc 4346 CA             Bisexual Mixed   Release expected    
  Terry 4347 KY                        
King Edward Davis III King 4349 FL           He            
James Mason James 4351 CA           He            
Harold Nault Harold 4353 OK             Bisexual          
  Darius 4354 FL                        
Ryan Lingford Ryan 4356 MO looking for true companionship       Cisman He Gay          
Curtis Dowl Curtis 4358 GA         Cisman   Straight Black        
Richard Atkins III Richard 4359 CA           He            
  Steven 4361 TX                        
  John 4362 GA                        
Heaven Herbert 4363 FL                        
Daniel Moore Daniel 4364 FL       27   He            
Zack Zachary 4365 CA           He            
Itty Bitty Tammy 4366 TX   friendship   29       Black Christian   9-10-15  
  Candii 4367 TX           She            
Luis Luis 4368 CA           He            
  John 4370 ID                        
Dominick Venetucci Dominick 4371 CA       47 Cisman   Straight          
  Edward 4372 FL Straight man seeking help for his HIV-affected sisters, both of whom have been raped and turned to drugs. Needs info on HIV and AIDs for his sick sisters, and would also like advice from a gay woman on 1) how to address a female rape victim, and 2) how to understand how a gay woman deals with men       He            
  Zaric 4373 TX       26                
Christopher Christopher 4374 TX                        
Alexsis Derodney 4375 TX         Transwoman She            
  Michael 4376 UT   looking for someone to brighten up his days, and make him smile         Gay     Release expected 3/10/2015  
  Kyle 4377 TX                        
  Christopher 4378 TX                        

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