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  Joey 5102 KY                        
  Joel 5103 WV                        
  Bruce 5104 TX                        
  Eli 5105 TX                        
  Jeffery 5106 FL       21 Cisman   Gay Black        
Chip Curtis 5107 NC           He            
  Alan 5108 NH                        
  Earl 5109 TX                        
  Benjamin 5110 FL                        
  Jesus 5111 FL                        
  Ronnie 5112 CA       39 Cisman   Bisexual Black        
  Donnel 5113 CA                        
  DWayne 5114 TX                        
  Dexter 5118 FL                        
  Steven 5119 IL                        
  Shaun 5120 IN                        
  Derrick 5122 TX I am a single black man with no kids looking for love or a good woman.     36 Cisman     Black        
  Larry 5123 TX                        
  Daniel 5124 IL                        
  Patrick 5125 SC                        
  Carlton 5126 FL                        
  Lorenso 5127 TX                        
  Terry 5128 CA I am a 47 year young white male, nice build, light blue eyes. I need a friend to talk to and express myself with. Open minded and singe at present time! Looking for a friend and possible partner once released from state prison here in Cali. Open to any race with kind and warm heart, no game! Age 30 to 45 prefer close to my area, Central California.   47 Cisman     White   Release expected    
  Hector 5130 TX                        
Venessa Scott 5131 TX       35           Release expected 2021  
Marina Daniel 5133 CA         Transwoman              
  Angel 5136 FL                     4-2014  
  Timothy 5137 FL                        
  Juan 5138 TX                        
  Rashad 5139 FL I am 5'11", 185lb, masculine & ripped, 23 year old Libra. I am currently incarcerated with one year left to do. I am just looking for someone I can trust and build with. Someone who understands me for me.   23 Cisman              
Ms. Crystal Crystal 5140 CA I'm 5' 5 1/2", light complexion, down to earth, most people say my body is bangin! because I'm very pretty int eh face and my body is all that and some. Plus I have major respect for myself and others. I'm just hoping to hook up with somebody Black, white males it don't matter long as its a man :)     Transwoman She   Black        
  Vincent 5142 CA I love the outdoors, reading, writing, and learning. I have been in prison for 29 yrs on a 1 to life sentence for 2nd degree murder. I was a carpenter our in the world, and in prison I have earned AA degrees in Arts & Humanities, and Social & Behavioral Sciences, and in the process of earning two more. I suffer from hereditary hemachromatosis.     50 Cisman   Bisexual White     Next parole hearing Sept. 2014  
  Travis 5145 VA                        
  Paul 5146 SC                        
  Nathan 5148 TX                        
  Lance 5150 TX                        
  Robert 5151 TX                        
  David 5152 CO                        
Blondie Timothy 5154 SC             Gay          
  Reginald 5155 SC                        
  Jonathan 5156 MD                        
  Michael 5158 TX             Bisexual          
Crystal Marie Shafer Ronald 5159 AZ I'm a 30 year old 6'3" woman trapped inside a man's body! I'm pre-surgery I got reddish blonde hair and blue eyes / I am looking for a friend and my soul mate! I'm a snow bunny looking for a friend that might lead to a lot more!!! :)   30 Transwoman She   White     December 2028  
  Martin 5160 TX             Bisexual          
  Don 5161 PA   Would be most comfortable writing to transgender males but would be happy for any pen pal   47     Bisexual White        
  Rafaela 5162 KY                        
  Corey 5163 CA   looking for ALL TYPES of correspondence!   36 Cisman   Bisexual White        
  Kris 5164 FL Some of the things that interest me ar reading, studying, writing poetry, drawing, and anything that has to do with art. I enjoy different kinds of music and also enjoy writing letters. a pal that might share the same interests as me and is looking for a smile :)   28       White   Release expected 6/15/2017 - 7/3/2018  
  Larry 5165 NC   someone I can correspond with for friendship and encouragement. I am looking for a queen/male     Cisman   Gay Black   Release expected December 2016  
  Kevin 5166 CA   I'm seeking another who might be interested in writing a rehabilitated convict who has no chance at freedom. I believe now in this point of my life I can be a positive constructive force and a loyal friend to someone.                    
  Gary 5167 IN                        
  Sheena 5168 TX                        
  Jacquelinea 5173 WA                        
  Dawan 5174 IL                        
  William 5175 CA                        
Tony Anthony 5178 FL                 Wiccan      
Shaey Chalounda 5179 TX Single, down to earth, fun loving, honest, no kids but gorgeous nephews that she adores. She has been down for 18 years, and really wanted to transition back to society with help from my kind of people. Friendship, romance.   36 Ciswoman She Lesbian Black Other Release expected Up for Parole Now  
Grier AKA Fly Guy Grier 5183 FL                        
  Kenneth 5185 GA                        
  Jesse 5186 OK                        
  Jacob 5187 VA                        
  Mark 5189 PA I am from New York City, my hobbies are all sports like riding bikes. White man 40 year old, been in out of trouble my whole life, now looking found somebody can have write me. I just want someone to write and correspond with me because been very lonely lately     Cisman     White        
  Derrick 5190 TX                        
  Ronald 5192 CA I am a studio musician and tailor by trade. 5'10", brown eyes, healthy and fully functional. Any single T.G. penpal for an honest correspondence.                    
  Wilfredo 5194 PA                        
  Jennette 5195 TX                        
  Arthur 5196 TX                        
  James 5198 TX                        
  Johnny 5200 TX                        
Chris Chris 5202 AR I'm a good looking man with an awesome personality. I also have a fat ass. I love showing off for my partner. I'm 29, born Feb 7th 2013, which makes me aquarius. And that describes me alot. Aquarius- creative, very social, fun, easy going. I 5'5" and I weigh about 150lbs, medium build, ot all muscle, but not soft either. I love to write. I love water. I love the night. I'm from Small Town America, but upon release I plan to be in Tulsa, OK. Brown hair, blue eyes. Religion: eclectic. If you need or want more, please write.     29       American Indian   Release expected 14-Feb-2014  
  LaDale 5203 MA I'm a second degree lifer who is gay and has been serving time for almost 26 years (since age 17).     53     Gay     Life sentence Life  
Amber Demarco 5204 MO         Transwoman She            
Daniel Daniel 5205 IL     daniel_teitsart_pil_12_10_13.pdf                  
Clint Clint 5206 FL   Naughty fit stud
Seeking mature Established male ins search of relationship. Will be released 01/01/2016, can relocate. 6', 175, tattoos, nice figure, lovable
              Release expected 01/01/2016  
  Gary 5207 PA 5'7" Brown skin, Black hair, Brown eyes. 49 years old, good looking if I may say so myself A transgender to write to as soon as they can on the street or in prison                    
Ralph Ralph 5208 IN                   Release expected    
  Marcus 5210 CA                        
  Obdraneil 5211 FL My name is Obdraniel A Corria, most call me O.C. or Alex. I'm Puerto Rican and Black Cuban. I like to read, write, and do all kinds of fun things, like anything that has to do with outdoors, ad indoors. My beliefs in God is strong, and I'm still seeking knowledge about this world and creation that God made. I'm interested into ppl. a person (female) to be good friends with.   27 Cisman     Mixed Christian      
  Salvador 5212 TX                        
  Cesar 5213 TX My name is Cesar Martinez. I am originally from Lawrence (MA), where I have friends and family. Anyway, I'm writing because I am hoping to be added to your "pen-pal list." I;m interested in hearing from "trannys." however, if anyone writes, I'll respond. I'm 24 years old, 6'3", about 130 "medium" build. Thank you for your time. "Trannys"   24           Release expected    
  Shianne 5214 PA I am currently incarcerated for a 3 year sentence                      
  Gary 5215 FL                        
  Paris 5216 CO Hello, my name is "Paris Grant" and I am a Native/Two-Spirit Transgender women." ... It hurts and saddens me to have family who don't give a damn about what happens to me! ... Off and on parole since 2007 because 4 one I don't have a parole plan and being transgender and the nature of my crime I'm having a it real hard... Looking for Native people, two-spirit people, Colorado resources for Native trans people, connections to work assignments after parole-- Please send name and address of any resources! parisfirstletter.jpg   Two-Spirit     American Indian        
  Donald 5217 LA See ad under other!   20131209_211648.jpg         White   Release expected 08-Sep-2019
  Ophelia 5219 VA                        
  Mark 5220 FL                        
Erica Eric 5221 PA   Wants someone who will be gentle with her and take her seriously during her transition.     Transwoman She Lesbian     Release expected    
Andrew Andrew 5223 SC He has had a hard time on the inside and he sounds like he could use a friend. Someone to correspond with.   48           Release expected 11-sep-2018  
  John 5225 TX 38yr old male brown hair/blue eyes. 170lbs spends time working out and reading 5ft 9in tall.Loves country music, hunting, fishing, horseback rdiging. Can include photo in next letter. I don't care male or female or age/race. No nude pics are aloud, please send me some erotic books/magazine                    
Jim james 5228 IL                        
Octavio Octavio 5229 FL My name is Octavio and I would please like to have a real friend okay Ihope you can make that happen for me my age 35 weight 165 Height 58 black male Eyes brown and very good looking. I hope that I find somebody that is real because its been along time for me ok. I am a real good person dont play games and I keep It realat all times I do love to the End of time I don't change always the same person. Anyways I hope and pray that somebody write me back soon please don't let me down I hope to hear from you very soon my friend keep it(???) God bless you always ok! dont forget write back soon :)     35       Black        
Lucio Lucio 5230 TX   For all intents and purposes I no longer have any type of support from the freeworld so I look forward to hooking up with you good people.         Bisexual Latina / Latino        
  Stacey 5231 TX I am 37 years old, single white female 5-5or 5-6, weigh 162. I have sandy blonde hair-- greyish, blue eyes. I have no kids. I am very understanding, open, honest, caring, loving, a very good listener, loyal, and love to read, write, listen to different types of music, having fun, meeting new people I am in search of an honest, open, loyal, generous, understanding friend, possibly more. I have no pictures at this time but if you have no pictures, please send one.
OK age is 28 and up -race doesn't matter, I look at what is on the inside. Also through my 21 years of this lengthy the journey I have exercised my mind by using our limited library and watching the television. I'm looking for someone to help you learn about the newest technology this world has to offer in order to ready and prepare myself for society when it's time for me to reenter back into society. I also like to watch the news to see what's going on out there.
If you're interested in writing, then please reply back because I assure you you won't regret it.
  37       White        
  Mark 5233 TX I am up 44 year old WG M. I'm serving 30 years sentence for transporting child porn via the Internet. I accept full responsibility for my actions. I would like a Pen-Pal who is giving. I like to read, photography's, listening to '60s, '70s, '80s rock and country music. I enjoyed sewing and crocheting. I received my GED while in prison. I'm not the best spelling. I'm sorry that I cannot write to other prisoners at other Federal, state prisons or in any jails.     44     Gay White        
  Mark 5234 FL                        
  Gary 5235 WI I'm a black bisexual male looking for a pen-pal or someone to write     19     Bisexual Black        
  Tim 5236 TX                        
  Jerry 5237 TX                        
  David 5238 TX                        
  Walter 5239 TX                        
  Jason 5240 CA I am a queer inmate serving a life sentence                      
  Kristopher 5241 TX   around my age   32       Black   Release expected    
  Mark 5243 CA   looking for a man who likes to have fun.   39         Christian      
  Emily 5244 CA                        
  Greg 5245 NY When I "came out" to my family they rejected me and have not contacted me in 3 years. Nothing comes to the heart-shattering numbness I felt when they all left me. I am looking for love, kindness, faithfulness, from a person that would accept me for me.     20 Cisman   Bisexual          
  Alex 5246 FL                        
  Travis 5247 KY I am 6'3" i have shoulder (just past) length sandy blonde hair blue grey eyes. I try to life my life as a woman on the streets, i like lingerie, BDSM (i am a Bottom but have topped). I am a very sexual person very giving, i am a great cook. in here you have to act 100% straight or you physically are in danger. Hugs and kisses, Travis really would like to write men, women, or T-girls. I have no body in my corner, i hate being so alone i hope to hear from you soon.     Transwoman   Bisexual White   Release expected 08/27/2019  
  Hugo 5249 CA                        
  Darryl 5250 TX                        
  John 5251 WV                        
Marvella Earl 5252 CA           She            
  Charles 5253 CA I am locked up in Wasco State Prison in California, and I am looking for someone to write. I am a 48 year old male, I am looking for someone that is fun, open-minded, non judgmental, likes to write, age unimportant, caring.                      
  Joseph 5254 CA                        
  Jeff 5255 WI                        
  Sherod 5256 LA                        
  Ayanna 5257 CA                        
  Timothy 5258 MI                        
  Grant 5259 TX                        
Magic Troyce 5260 CA                        
  George 5261 GA                        
  Roger 5262 NC                        
Christopher Christopher 5263 KS Please see attached letter for information and a picture!   ChristopherShaneYates002.jpg 34 Cisman He Gay White Christian   6/2017  
  Dawn 5265 FL                        
  Jose 5266 CA                        
  Kenneth 5267 TX                        
  Kevin 5269 GA                        
  Leonardo 5270 TX                        
  Barrington 5271 FL I am 6'1'' 180lbs Black man with brown eyes. I am 38 years young and I speak and read Spanish fluently. I was born in Nicaragua Central America and I have been in prison since 1995.                      
  Kenneth 5272 NY                        
  Terri 5273 TX                 Wiccan      
  Lawrence 5274 CA                        
  Kenneth 5275 NJ                        
Free William 5276 NJ I'm funny, loyal, respectful, outgoing, romantic, spontaneous, honest, etc. I also like to cook.                      
  David 5277 TX                        
  John 5278 IN                        
Eddie Erasmo 5330 CA I'm 43 years old, 5'6" and I weigh 155 lbs. I am currently houses in solitary confinement here in Northern California's Pelican Bay Prison (SHU). I'm seeking to correspond with anyone who interested in sharing their thoughts/views about what's going on in the world and/or about life in general. I'm a self-taught artist. I draw, I paint, and I tattoo. My favorite subbjects to draw are: animals, flowers, and people. I love music but my passion is reading. I'm also interested in history, philosophy, and Greek myth. I love to learn new things. I'm an open-minded individual with a great sense of humor. I'm honest and I always try my best to treat others the way I'd like to be treated. If you want to know more about me or about my artwork, you can contact me. I'll answer all letters right away. Have a wonderful day.     43                
  Darryl 5331 CA I'm in dire need to recieve a pen-pal/friend companion & a possible lover. I'm a bi-sexual Afrikan-Amerikan man 5'11" 160lbs mid-complexion. [25] years ol, born July 4th. Love sports, and outgoing, filled with laughter type personality! I'm strong winded yet open-minded to the world and would try anything.

My name is Darryl W. Duncan and I am an inmate incarcerated in C.S.P Sacramento. I am mid-complexioned, 5'10", 160 lbs, and charismatic.
Looking for a trans woman, black, white, or asian.   25       Black        
  Ricky 5335 NC                        
  David 5336 TX       28     Bisexual Mixed        
  Gary 5337 CA I'm 24 years old. I grew up pretty sheltered I would say, but never could really be me. I always wanted to be accepted hence my current circumstances. I love romance movies, novels. I am somewhat sentimental, actually I'm very sentimental. I don't have my family because since being incarcerated I somewhat hinted to them about my sexuality but they just ran off and left me alone. I want romance so bad, I have so much to offer but no one is very tolerable, especially in here. I want someone who can have a diverse yet interesting conversation :)   24 Cisman   Bisexual Mixed   Release expected 22-Mar-2028  
  Romiro 5338 CA Age 33 years old
American Hispanic
5'8" height
185 weight
brown eyes
black hair short tapered
Bilingual English and Spanish
Easygoing and positive attitude
      Cisman   Bisexual Latina / Latino        
  Brian 5339 CA                        
  Monica 5340 TX                        
  Darren 5341 MA                        
  Carl 5344 MN                        
  Jeffery 5345 OH                        
  Robert 5346 TX                        
  Nathaniel 5349 LA Afro American male38yrs of age, 5'10" 210 lbs very muscular, handsome, red skin tone, brown eyes, nice smile, bald head. I'm a God-fearing, loving, honest, outgoing, down-to-earth guy who enjoys weightlifting, playing basketball and reading horror novels     38 Cisman     Black      
  Adam 5350 MN                        
  Kevin 5419 PA                        
  Danair 5421 CA Life has dealt me a terrible hand. And I've been victim to many things. Such as poor parenting, negative environments, gang participation, drugs/alcohol, and everything else imaginable. And if it isn't too much to ask for, only wish to change my life for the better. Could you perhaps be the one to offer me advice and guidance? Or, if possible, will you hear my story out?   30 Cisman     Black        
  Aaron 5423 TX       23     Gay White        
Felix Benjamin 5424 WA Hi! I am 19 years old and currently incarcerated in Airway Heights Corrections Center in Washington State. I normally go under the name "Felix" in letters.     19 Cisman He Attracted to Men          
Shelly Dale 5425 PA I was born in Williamsport, PA, my parents are German Americans. I enjoy drawing and painting, fishing, camping, bike riding, hiking, hunting, flea markets, yard sales, sports and bodybuilding. Friendships with men and women age 60 and older!   29 Cisman   Bisexual White Christian   03-Oct-2015  
Shannon Shannon 5428 WA I want to express my support for all the sisters who can stand up and be counted for who they are. Don't let the machine eat you and spit out what they deem as waste, we are people and respect of the human race is demanded by us and ours!

I wish to sign my name up for a Pen Pal in hopes of sharing my inner strength with all my blood and bone sisters. We will be o.k. and we will rise to our potential!!
Friendship, mutual support     Ciswoman She            
Daniel Daniel 5429 WA I recieved your address from a friend who said this would be a good place to deal with this. I have been down for a lot of years and will try something to find out for myself. So thank you very much for this opportunity to use your pen pal service and your newsletter. Friend, support for depression     Cisman He            
  Franklin 5430 WI                        
  Melvin 5431 TX                        
  Kira 5432 TX                        
  Cameron 5433 UT                        
  Ana 5435 CA                        
  Thomas 5436 OR                        
  Lorenzo 5437 KY                        
  Keith 5438 TX                        
Danny Daniel 5439 UT           He            
Leigh Leigh 6549 MA                        
  Everett 6551 CA             Gay          
  Clint 6552 TX             Bisexual          
  Larry 6553 CA       30 Cisman   Bisexual          
  William 6554 TX                        
  Robert 6555 CO       50 Cisman   Queer White        
  Abe 6556 CO I am 6'1 in height, I weigh 175 pounds. I'm in excellent shape. Very handsome with long black hair. I like to read and draw! I am very good at drawing, painting, and tattooing!I love to write letters. I'm very laid back. I have a great sense of humor. Interested in making new friends of all genders, especially male to female. Having a difficult time in prison, and could really use a lift of spirits!   39 Cisman   Bisexual Latina / Latino   Release expected 2024  
  Herman 6557 CA   I'm looking for someone that I can be friends with, get to know, laugh with, and who I can help.               Life sentence    
  Brandon 6558 FL         Cisman   Gay     Release expected 2036  
  James 6559 CA I myself empower a healthy life, I'm 27 years old. I am looking for a woman, late 20s she may have a kid or so cool. Also I would to visit me and also to meet my family and also to have a chance to discuss topics relating to their own lives.   27 Cisman         Release expected 2027  
  Nadia 6560 TX                        
  Carlos 6561 KY                        
  Melvin 6562 WV                        
  Russell 6563 AR                        
  Lonny 6564 TX                        
Jewels Justin 6565 ID       21 Transwoman              
  Byron 6566 AZ       37           Release expected 2023  
Kai Kaiser 6567 OH I'm a big advocate of LGBT rights. 22 years of Krav Maga and a W.K.M.F. teacher. I'm 53, 6'0, Grey eyes/hair. Lots of tattoos/piercings. 200 lbs. I'm hoping you can help me to reach out to others out there in the free world.     53   He Queer     Release expected 2029  
  Cedrick 6651 TX                        
  Ava 6583 TX       27           Release expected 04/15/2017  
Tommey Woodrow Huston Sr. Thomas 6588 FL                   Release expected 09/13/2019  
  Justin 6589 PA                        
  Rhonda 6596 TX                        
CCCC Chanel Sade Keith 6597 FL I love every body and wish I could make every body in the world happy. Friendship   42     Gay Black   Release expected 2019  
  Zane 6601 ID                        
  Leon 6618 AK                        
  James 6622 CA                        
  Bill 6624 CA                        
  Gary 6631 CA Handsome, witty, savvy and funny! Height- 6 ft 3 in, weight- 225. I would love to have someone to write and share our aspirations, dreams, fears, hopes, and loves! Who knows what we can discover! (smile)                  
  Christopher 6642 CA Black handsome 48 year old openminded inmate in search of serious penpals.                      
  Matthew 6643 FL                        
  Jeremiah 6646 TX                        
  Luis 6650 TX                        
  Joey 6652 CA                        
Bear Alfred 6653 CA I'm 184 lbs, 59 1/2" - brown skin complexion. I write poetry & sing and love to read. My relationships have always been and will always be attracted to transgender women. My wish is to be connected with a pen-pal who is transgender       He Attracted to Transwomen Mixed        

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