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teste ee ee Australia Realized Within the process of arch. design itself   ee   eee eee
asf af asd   Realized Within the process of arch. design itself       qer asdf
adfasf asdf asdf   Realized Within the process of arch. design itself logo_v2.jpg     dfasdf asdf
16 pillars Daan Brinkmann 2006 Netherlands Realized Physical 16pillars_web.jpg Movements of people are translated into dynamic patterns of light and sound The Hague
Motion Sketch Scott Snibbe 1991   Realized - virtual Combining reality and virtuality motionSketch.jpg Motion Phone an exploration of how to make cinema with one's body. I realized that the cursor was the most interesting object on the screen. Here was the only place that my body, through the mouse, came into the computer. Based on this understanding, I created Motion Sketch, which attaches the movements of ones hand to the movements of abstract forms. These forms exist in a short one-second loop. The temporal complexity comes from the continuous layering of these forms, creating a rich motion painting. virtual
Falling Girl Scott Snibbe and Annie Loui 2008 June United States Realized Combining reality and virtuality fallingGirl.png Falling Girl by Scott Snibbe and Annie Loui an immersive interactive narrative installation that allows the viewer to participate in the story of a young girl falling from a skyscraper.
computer, projector, digital video camera, retroreflective screen, custom software, animation
Beachness NOX 1997 Netherlands Concept - not possible to realize yet Within the process of arch. design itself threeGraces.jpg NOX / Lars Spuybroek within comp Noordwijk
The Three Graces NOX 2008 United Arab Emirates Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself threeGraces.jpg NOX / Lars Spuybroek within comp Dubai
Cardiff Bay Opera House Greg Lynn 1994 United Kingdom Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself cardiffBayOpera.jpeg Cardiff within comp Cardiff
Steel Cloud Asymptote 1988 United States Concept - student project, competition Physical steelcloud_01.jpg the story of success bridgelike superstructure in glass and steel spanning the Hollywood Freeway and supporting several movie screens, a glass aquarium and a “forest” of sound synthesizers New York
Strata Tower Asymptote 2011 United Arab Emirates Realized Within the process of arch. design itself strata_tower.jpg Asymptote within comp - advanced parametric modeling tools Abu Dhabi
European Solidarity Center Kas Oosterhuis 2007 Poland Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself EuropeanSolidaryCenter.jpg 2007 ESC / Gdansk within comp Gdansk
National Aquatics Center ARUP 2008 China Realized Within the process of arch. design itself National_AquaticsCenter.jpg Arup - Arup projects within comp Beijing
Porters Lodges MVRDV 1996 Netherlands Realized Within the process of arch. design itself TaipeiBiHuTower.jpg MVRDV Projects within comp National Park De Hoge Veluwe
Taipei BiHu Tower MVRDV 2008 Taiwan Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself TaipeiBiHuTower.jpg MVRDV Projects within comp Taipei
I-SKIN Electronic Shadow 2000 France Realized Combining reality and virtuality I-Skin.gif Electronic Shadow interactive installation about the identification to an avatar. Paris
Interactive Water and image Fountain Clock Electronic Shadow 2007 China Realized Combining reality and virtuality fountainClock.jpg MOCA Shanghai major topic of this installation is the memory of water and the universal vibration. A totally original system of fountain controlled by computer lets run water in this basin, drop by drop or in jet, at five points, in the center of the five rings, producing waves in the water, these drops are synchronized with sound and image to produce a contemporary fountain and water clock. Shanghai
Bodymover ART + COM 2000   Realized Combining reality and virtuality bodymover.jpg ART + COM - Bodymover an interactive multi-user installation that aims to make the participating players aware of their body as an interface between man and machine. Players interact with each other and with architectural objects on four prepared surfaces approximately 5 x 4 m large.
As they step onto the prepared surface players are recognised by a tracking system which projects a halo-like graphic onto the floor around them. Players can influence this graphic by moving their arms or legs. Participants can compose their own symphonic mix with the dynamic sound effects.
Kinetic Sculpture ART + COM 2008 June Germany Realized Physical bmwkinetic_sculpture.jpg ART + COM mechatronic installation, made up of 714 metal balls, is a spatial translation of a design process. Seemingly weightless and guided solely by the power of the mind, the sculpture moves through a cycle of free abstractions and typical BMW vehicle forms. Munich
Primal Source Usman Haque 2008 March - 2008 July United States Realized Combining reality and virtuality primalsource1.jpg haque :: desigbn + research was an all-night performance/installation brought to life through the active participation of festival-goers (estimated at approx. 200,000 over the course of the night). Santa Monica
Moody Mushroom Floor Usman Haque 1996 United Kingdom Realized Physical mushroom.jpg Haque :: design + research A smell/sound/light floor that develops moods and aspirations in response to the ways that people react to the invidual outputs. London
Taichung Metropolitan Opera House Toyo Ito 2009 Taiwan Realized Within the process of arch. design itself taichungOpera.jpg Toyo Ito within comp Taichung
Optiball HEHE association 1999   Realized Physical optiball.jpg HeHe transform an everyday object – in this case, a translucent orthopedic sitting ball – into an reactive light installa-tion n/a
Pulse Front Rafael Lozano-Hemmer 2007 June Canada Realized Physical pulseFront.jpg Projects 20 onsite handlebar computer gizmos that people can grab onto and have their pulses reflected in one of 20 corresponding searchlights streaming above Harbourfront centre. The lights will pulse, shooting out rays at varying intensities that correspond to the pulse of whoever is holding the handlebars. Toronto
Applause Jason Bruges 2008 United Kingdom Realized Physical goodwood.jpg Jason Bruges the array of flags dynamically responded to both the polo game and the race cars. Tracking the motion of the cars and polo players the flags danced to the action. the fabric choreography was derived from the semiotics of banners and flags that communicate with coded gestures. Chichester
The Snow Queen’s railway Zaha Hadid 2008 Austria Realized Within the process of arch. design itself hadid-railway-2.jpg Zaha Hadid blog within comp Innsbruck
Vitra Fire Station Zaha Hadid 1994 Germany Realized Within the process of arch. design itself hadidfirestation.jpg Vitra Fire Station within comp Weil am Rhein
Church of the year 2000 Peter Eisenman 1996 Italy Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself church2000.jpg cooper union school of architecture within comp Rome
Karbouw UNStudio 1992 Netherlands Realized Within the process of arch. design itself karbouw.jpg Karbouw / UNStudio within comp Amersfoort
Omotesando UNstudio 2008 Japan Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself omotesando.jpg Omotesando / UNstudio within comp Tokyo
Pompei Santuario station Peter Eisenman 2010 Italy Realized Within the process of arch. design itself pompei.jpg domusweb within comp Pompei
Virtual House Peter Eisenman 1997   Realized - virtual Within the process of arch. design itself virtualEisenman.gif Arch'it - in a bit within comp - algorithms virtual
Surface evolution Manit Rastogi 1994   Realized - virtual Within the process of arch. design itself surfaceEvolution.gif evolution within comp - Surfaces evolved under the control of a genetic algorithm and user selection virtual
Self-builder design kit John and Julia Frazer, John Potter 1982   Realized Combining reality and virtuality selfbuilderDesignKit.bmp   another way to transfer abstract design knowledge virtual
Hsinchu digital Museum of Art Eisenman Architects, Yu-Tung Liu 2000 Taiwan Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself digitalCastleAir.JPG NCTU-Arch within comp Hsinchu
Digital Castle in the Air-- Virtual/ Real Coexistence Yuan Zone Lee, Sheng Kai Tang, Yu Tung Liu 2002 Taiwan Realized Within the process of arch. design itself digitalCastleAir.JPG Sheng Kai Tang In order to discover the digital processes of constructing Free Form Architecture, Pro. Liu set up the research project supported by the Far Eastern Group. Not only the CAD-CAM technology, which was used in the first experiment, but also the membrane technology is used this time. Taipei
IIDABASHI subway station Makoto Sei Watanabe 2000 Japan Realized Within the process of arch. design itself IIDABASHI.jpg IIDABASHI within comp Tokyo
K-Museum Makoto Sei Watanabe 1996 Japan Realized Within the process of arch. design itself k_museum.jpg K-Museum 1 within comp Tokyo
Eyebeam MVRDV 2001 United States Concept - student project, competition Physical EyebeamMVRDV.jpg Measuring the competition the building consists of a single large open exhibition space punctuated by beams that house production and other internal activities. New York
Gateway and Digital Temple of the GreatLink Corporation Yu-Tung Liu, Yuan-Zone Lee 2002-2005 China Realized Combining reality and virtuality digitalTemple.jpg Digital Temple digital projections: In order to innovate the image of cable and to pursuit the digital concepts in the site, the two main office / factory combinatory buildings and the restaurant are imagined and shaped as a continuous curved line, with installation of laser-cut steel frames / skins, membrane, fiber lights and concrete structure. To reflect the digital and media era further, the images of multimedia and virtual technology are applied into the façade of the two main buildings. The overall concept is to capture the E-link, electronic link of the artificial buildings, to correspond the N-link, natural link of the contour of the back mountain. Shenzhen
AGORA: Boundary Conditions Natasha Barrett and Birger Sevaldson 2002 June Norway Realized Within the process of arch. design itself agora.jpg AGORA: Boundary Conditions an installation which transcends the borders between auditory and physical spaces - sound and architecture. can be experienced in many ways - by moving around and through the physical structure, by standing in the centre of the eight loudspeakers above the bridge, or by briefly sampling the space on each journey through the station. Oslo
St. Gallen Kunstmuseum Greg Lynn 2001 Switzerland Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself stGallen.jpg LOGIN within comp St. Gallen
Eyebeam Museum of Art and Technology Diller Scofidio, Renfro 2001 United States Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself eyebeam.jpg Diller Scofidio + Renfro / Eyebeam within comp New York,
Guggenheim Museum Zaha Hadid 2003 Taiwan Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself gugenheimTaichung.jpg Taichung.pdf within comp Taichung
Magma Art and Congresses Fernando Menis 2005 Spain Realized Within the process of arch. design itself Magma-frontal2.jpg Fernando Menis within comp Adeje, Tenerife
Hydra Pier (Haarlemmermeer Pavilion) Asymptote 2002 Netherlands Realized Within the process of arch. design itself hydraPier.jpg Hydra Pier within comp Haarlemmermeer
Mercedes-Benz Museum UNStudio 2006 Germany Realized Within the process of arch. design itself mercedezBenz.jpg Mercedes-Benz Museum / UNStudio within comp Stuttgart
The High Line Diller Scofidio, Renfro 2007 United States Realized Within the process of arch. design itself theHighLine.jpg Diller Scofidio + Renfro / The High Line within comp New York
Pierres Vives Zaha Hadid 2004 France Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself montpellier_zaha_hadid_06_6.jpg e- zaha hadid monpellier building within comp Montpellier
Grin Grin Park Toyo Ito 2005 Japan Realized Within the process of arch. design itself Grin_Grin.gif Grin Grin Park within comp Grin Grin
Mikimoto Ginza 2 Toyo Ito 2005 Japan Realized Within the process of arch. design itself mikimotoGinza.jpg Mikimoto Ginza 2 within comp Tokyo
Sendai Mediatheque Toyo Ito 2000 Japan Realized Within the process of arch. design itself housingMassCustomization.jpg Sendai Mediatheque Japan by Toyo Ito wothin comp Sendai
Web-site/web-house (Housing Mass-customization) Fabio Schillaci 2005   Concept - not possible to realize yet Within the process of arch. design itself housingMassCustomization.jpg Web-site/web-house_Housing Mass-customization Visiting the web-site, the customer selects the Web-house [house-model to personalize] from a catalogue referred to existing house-types. Then people can modify, playing the housing-machine interface, their own house-model based on a path. Thus, the customers can connect to neighbor houses, making agencies and creating new typologies. Each house-model is thought as a whole living organism made of a web of relations between his parts. Once a cluster of customers is done and the internal equilibrium [both programmatically and socially] is found-the models, and their relations, are frozen and the virtual whole is ready to transform in the real one. virtual
I’ve heard about… (a flat, fat, growing urban experiment) R&Sie (n) 2005 France Concept - not possible to realize yet Physical flatExperiment.jpg a minima / I’ve heard about… a fractal structure made quite literally of contingent secretions. Its architecture is based on the principles of random growth and permanent incompletion. It develops by successive scenarios, without planning and without the authority of a pre-established plan. Its physical composition renders the community’s political structure visible.

The proliferating, coral-like network is constituted of both imported raw materials and local materials that have been recycled, synthesized and polymerised, resources arising from the animal and vegetable species that inhabit it. Operating anthroposophically, it generates modes of exchanges, flows and blood vessels.
Paris BASE 4 2006 United Kingdom Concept - student project, competition Physical loopSpace.jpg 01_final presentation.swf based on loop machine, walls are moving London
Auto Braids / Auto Breeding Evan Douglis 2004   Realized Within the process of arch. design itself autoBrides.jpg ARCH'IT artland art installation; an innovative membrane manufactured with sophisticated 3D modeling software and five-axis prototyping milling machines. Composed of interlocking units, the self-supporting membrane introduces itself as a serial field whose repetition is tempered by surface variations characterised by wave ad braid-like shapes. Among the units, there are pockets for the placement of poles that support other objects away from the surface. The membrane is thus a relational apparatus and not an autonomous system. traveling exhibition
Topographies of Negotiation ReD - Marta Malé-Alemany, Jose Pedro Sousa 2006 Austria Realized Combining reality and virtuality topographiesOfNegotiation.jpg ARCH'IT allestimenti / Topographies of Negotiation exhibition; to generate a 'response' of that ceiling towards the programmatic layout underneath, by means of controlling the lighting conditions and suggesting a circulation throughout the space. projections in the cones Graz
Blurring Space: Ubiquitous Life Hyojin Park, Dongman Lee, Sangwoong Hwang, Yeonah Ahn, Jaewon Shim, Jin Kook Lee, Yun Gil Lee, So Young Park, Jin Won Choi 2003 Korea, South Realized Combining reality and virtuality blurringSpace.jpg Blurring space Art installation; Concept = Creating new space with blur boundary
New Space =
1. Tele presence; To Jump to an Immersive Space by Teleporting to Other Worlds
2. Multi-tele presence Space; To Superimpose and Intertwine with Physical and Cyber Spaces

Blur Boundary is not a physical limit of world; rather, it exceeds the limit of existing spaces.
City: Living Book Andre Teruya Eichemberg, Alessandra Ennes Cantieri, Daniel Mottosinho Alvite, Julio Miquelini, Rubens Tadamiti Saito 2003   Concept - not possible to realize yet Combining reality and virtuality CityLivingBook.jpg arquitextos virtual space like internet in the real space giving information virtual
Zedzbeton 3.0 ZEDZ, Maurer United Architects, 2002 Netherlands Concept - student project, competition Within the process of arch. design itself zedzbeton.jpg ZEDZ within comp Eindhoven,
Negotiate My Boundary! Mass - customisation and responsive environments +RAMTV 2002   Concept - not possible to realize yet Physical negotiateMyBoundaries.jpg RAMTV.ORG the social interaction of its actors is constantly recorded and evaluated in the form of program scripts controlling boundary performance. virtual
Simulacra Server Chapel Lisa Tilder 2003   Concept - not possible to realize yet Combining reality and virtuality simulacra.jpg Simulacra proposes a
chapel franchise to partake in the reverence of
image production and consumption. The project
consists of a series of chapels, ”original“ copies
dispersed to internet server nodes that allow ”believers“
to collectively participate in the culture of
the copy. Each chapel contains a processional series
of architectural interfaces that alternate between
Christian and Consumer ritual.
Postagriculture Achim Menges 2002   Concept - not possible to realize yet Within the process of arch. design itself postagriculture425.jpg EmergentArchitecture2 within comp virtual
Video FIELD, Institute for Video Art Chia-Hung Wang 2001   Concept - not possible to realize yet Within the process of arch. design itself videoFIELD.jpg tectonics within comp virtual
Inflatable Air-Room Gwo-Sheng Wey, Debbie Yang 2001 Taiwan Concept - student project, competition Physical inflatableAirRoom.jpg gear0701 the temporary shelter protects its inhabitants from calamities and man-made pollutants in an adverse environment as an ultra-strenght tensile shell structure and as a vacuumed ecosphere in and of itself sufficient with fresh supply of air, food, aliments and water. visibility of and interaction with outside by informing its inhabitants of surrounding environments by via computerized digital output on the membrane skin. virtual
Infrasonic Soundscape Hidekazu Minami 2001-2005 United States Realized - virtual Combining reality and virtuality infrasonic.jpg Infrasonic Soundscape an interactive online artwork, an interface which articulates an idea of New York City becoming an instrument and a sonic geographical browser by mapping the city with the ambient sounds. New York
Pneumatrix Judit Kimpian 2001   Concept - not possible to realize yet Physical pneumatrix.jpg juditsite.swf membrane - pneumatic architecture. portable inflatable auditorium; using air as a 'smart' building material for the sculpturing of doubly-curved spaces and the creation of a transient volumes which are capable of dynamic structural transformation. virtual
Dynaform Bernard Franken 2001 Germany Realized Within the process of arch. design itself dynaform.jpg - Frank Brammer within comp Frankfurt
Vestigii Ticker Chair Tobi Schneidler 2005 Germany Realized Combining reality and virtuality TickerChair_1_M.jpg maoworks / Vestigii Ticker Chair an interactive resting place for the Vestigiii fashion studio. inhabits an ephemeral, invisible information space that continuously streams information, news and data through the airwaves and copper cables of our modern cities. the projection is using electromechanical character sets that project words and short sentences onto a special mirror. This mirror transforms the light spectacle again into an intangible image, which magically overlays with the image of the observer.
The rhythm of the incoming data packets can be influenced by visitors resting on the chair to influence the frequency of incoming news.
Talmud Project Small Design Firm 1999 United States Realized - virtual Within the process of arch. design itself talmud02.jpg a prototype of an interactive book; explores the simultaneous display of multiple related texts. Several dials allow the reader to trace ideas from one text to another, examine translations and find text in the larger context of the full corpus. the software enables viewers to manipulate blocks of text into the walls, streets and windows in an imaginary city of words. Boston
Nobel Peace Center Small Design Firm 2006 Norway Realized Physical nobel00.jpg Small Design Firm Inc. art installation; The Nobel Field, honoring each Laureate, is an illuminated garden of LCD displays, LED grass, and sound that responds to your movements through the space. To honor the life of Alfred Nobel, we designed the Nobel Chamber, housing an interactive book in the spirit of our Illuminated Manuscript. The third installation, the Wallpapers, is a continuous display surface of 68 million pixels, designed to allow visitors to further explore the life, work, and legacy of the Nobel Laureates. Finally, we designed the ambient sound and light for the Register, an abstract map of the world that serves as a gateway to the Center. Oslo
Churchill Lifeline Table Small Design Firm 2004 United Kingdom Realized Combining reality and virtuality churchill01.jpg Small Design Firm Inc. museum installation; a 50-foot long table, with projections spanning the entire surface. Over three thousand documents written by Churchill and his comtemporaries and photograps spanning a century of British history can be browsed by museum goers using a new touch based interface. Documents are arranged in chronological order and are explored via touchstrips placed along the length of the table. London
Energy Shutdown Robson & Jones and KRD 2004 United Kingdom Realized Combining reality and virtuality energyShutdown.jpg Robson and Jones museum installation; When the visitor approaches the exhibit it is a flat surface. At the start of the game a cityscape rises from within the object. This city experiences a powercut and all the lights in the cityscape switch off. The visitor must complete a series of mini-games to help engineers restore power to the city. As the power is restored the cityscape gradually lights back up. London
Amnesty Exhibition Jason Bruges 2005 United Kingdom Realized Combining reality and virtuality WarmCold.jpg Jason Bruges Studio art installation - exhibition; including light boxes that doubles as window shutters, displaying photographs which glow brighter as a visitor approaches. the audio map allows visitors to emotionally connect with stories from around the world. London
Warm and Cold Electronic Shadow 2004-2005 France Realized Physical WarmCold.jpg Electronic Shadow - Hybrid Design art installation; an artistic home automation system designed by Electronic Shadow in order to take control of a real space through virtual images. The interface is a metaphorical image, that the user can touch to change and control the space. Paris
H2O Electronic Shadow 2004 France Realized Combining reality and virtuality h2o.jpg Designer's Days 2004 - Electronic Shadow art installation; an interactive hybrid environment where image and space are merged and propose a new kind of storytelling sensorial experience, using also a specific fragrance and an interactive music partition. Paris
Milan (2005)
4D Pixel Daan Roosegaarde and Peter de Man 2004 Netherlands Realized Physical 4D-Pixel_Roosegaarde.jpg Studio Roosegaarde 3.0 - explorations in art & technology art installation; a smart surface which physically reacts to your voice, music and shows relievo letters. This interactive sculpture is a merging of electromagnetics, software and electronics. The dynamic of the wall is made of hundreds of pixels which react on the dynamic in soundfrequencies.
This way there is a direct relation between the human activity and the appearance of the surface; in this fusion between body and machine.
Brix HeHe Association 2004-2005 Italy Realized Combining reality and virtuality brix01.jpg Brix art installation; a wall of virtual bricks with an embedded camera that captures your image and reflects it back on its gigantic screen in a thousand rectangular pixels. Siena
Human Screen Proposal Crispin Jones & Stefano Mirti 2004 January Italy Concept - not possible to realize yet Physical HumanScreenProposal.jpg Human Screen Proposal A combination of input sources could be used -
Images of the visitors could be captures using cameras.
Prepared images (e.g. of the institute) could be used.
Visitors could be invited to submit comments via SMS
Visitors could simply play with the displays directly - making text or just doodling.
NB The text screens could be a monochrome system, slightly different from the four tone screens. It could be a different shape - longer and thinner to accomodate the text more satisfactorily.
Light Dome Veronika Valk, Winy Maas / MVRDV, Rogier van der Heide / ARUP 2004 Estonia Realized Physical LightDome.jpg Night Light: art installation; Filled with helium and zealously straining for freedom, they had to be controlled by a network of string, knots, and sandbags. "architectural light therapy in urban public spaces" Tallinn
Chronopolis Cristopher Salter 2004 France Realized Physical chronopolis.jpg Cristopher Salter: Chronopolis art installation; a large-scale, public responsive media environment that focuses on our collective fascination with the mechanisms and meaning of time in contemporary urban space. As visitors step onto the surface of the image, they enter into a sonically immersive space. Parabolic speaker elements, which focus sound into extremely localized areas, aurally project a multichannel sonic landscape over the interface. Seconds, minutes, hours and days are registered as individual musical and sonic events, enveloping the visitors as they walk across the huge surface of the projection. IR cameras, positioned from above, gauge changes in the density of the environment based on population differentials. As visitors populated Chronopolis over the course of the exhibition, the time grids and sonic landscape responds and mutates to produce a common grid - a new visual and aural time structure which appears to accelerate and decelerate based on human presence. Paris
Melatonin Room Décosterd & Rahm 2000 United States Realized Physical melatoninRoom.jpg Décosterd & Rahm, associés art installation; Melatonin Room is a physiological architecture which acts on the space itself by transforming its electro-magnetic make-up. This room is defined as a space of hormonal stimulation. Two climates are produced, turn by turn. The first is defined by the emission of an electroma-gnetic radiation at 509 nm, at an intensity of 2000 lux, which eliminates the production of melatonin by the pineal gland. When secreted, this hormone provides information associated with tiredness and sleep. The space becomes a physically motiva-ting place, which is also chemically stimulating. The second climate is a dissemination of ultraviolet rays which, on the contrary, stimulate the production of melatonin. San Francisco
Hormonorium Décosterd & Rahm 2002 Italy Realized Physical hormonorium.jpg 4.18/E art installation; The Hormonorium is an “im-mediate” space, no longer resorting to semantic, cultural or plastic media for the making of architecture. In this sense, the same distinction exists between the Hormonorium and modern space as between genetics and plastic surgery, or between chemical therapy and psychoanalysis : the aim is to act in advance of form, at a subformal level, by modifying the very information that gives rise to form, to behavior, to thought. This is accomplished by chemical therapies, by modifying organic causes in advance of psychologically formulated manifestations, by altering the material of thought rather than thought itself. By exerting an influence outside the realm of the senses and the skin, the Hormonorium creates a synthesis of the organic, of mood and space, by establishing a continuity between architecture and human metabolism, between space, light and the endocrine and neurological systems. Venice
Hydracafé Décosterd & Rahm 2004 France Concept - student project, competition Physical hydra0.jpg 4.18/E The project uses water according to its physical and physiological. A thick prism of water is used in roofing and for its thermal properties, its ability to absorb infrared sunlight, thus avoiding the heating of glass surfaces in the summer. On the ground, an ultrasonic nebulization varies the relative humidity of the air depending on season, from 85% in summer to 65% in winter. The moisture in the form of gas deposits on the skin, bringing its share in aqueous hydrolipidic film that covers the surface of the skin. The soil, like a wave, plunging more or less deeply into moisture, generating areas drier or wetter than anyone can freely ownership. Paris
Cellular Noisemaker Ben Hooker and Shona Kitchen 2005 Italy Realized Combining reality and virtuality cellularNioseMaker.jpg digitalexperience >> Blog Archive >> Cellular noise-maker art object; As data is received by the device from other noise farming devices, it is stored in its memory and shown as an intricate pattern of dots on the central display. When its memory is full, the noise-maker uses its stored data patterns as a score to generate a sound burst of many simultaneous clicking noises by using electromagnets to rapidly move the flaps on its surface. The clicking noise ends in a sharp FM radio pulse which is a highly compressed data burst of all its memory contents. Following this, the memory is wiped and the process starts again. Venice
Haunt Usman Haque 2005 United Kingdom Realized Physical haunt.jpg haque :: design + research art installation; Using humidity, temperatures and electromagnetic and sonic frequencies that parapsychologists have associated with haunted spaces, this project aims at building an environment that feels "haunted": a non-visual architecture. London
Sky Ear Usman Haque 2003-2004 Switzerland Realized Physical SkyEar.jpg haque :: design + research art performance; Sky Ear is a one-night event in The balloons can communicate with each other via infra-red; this allows them to send signals to create larger patterns across the entire Sky Ear cloud as they respond to the electromagnetic environment (created by distant storms, mobile phones, police and ambulance radios, television broadcasts, etc.). Using mobile phones people can listen to the actual sounds up high, the electromagnetic sounds of the sky as well as streams of "whistlers" and "spherics". Fribourg
Basel (2003)
London (2004)
Floatables Usman Haque 2004   Concept - not possible to realize yet Physical floatable3.jpg haque :: design + research art; The aim of the floatable jellyfish-like vessels that drift around cities is to create temporary, ephemeral zones of privacy: an absence of phone calls, emails, sounds, smells and thermal patterns left behind by others. n/a
Socially Modulated Project Jose Alves 2005 Portugal Realized Combining reality and virtuality socially2.jpg Socially Modulated Project art installation; divided in two parts: Socially Modulated Landscape and Socially Modulated Typeface. By pressing the push button, the users take a picture of themselves. That picture is randomly located on the projection by the application, creating a kind of a social network with the previously recorded users. Lisbon
MirrorSpace HEHE Association 2003 France Realized Combining reality and virtuality mirror.jpg Miroir aux silhouettes art installation; a set of telepresent mirrors placed in different locations that will capture who ever is in front of the mirrors and superimpose the live streamed video onto them, so that all the portraits can merge in the same space Paris
and other galleries 2003-04
Light Brix HEHE Association 2001   Realized Physical lightBrix.jpg Light Brix A modular light system that responds to touch: through the electromagnetic fields of the human body. The hexagonal units can be assembled in any shape and modulated to compose multiple lighting situations. Light Brix is architecture composed by light. several
Nuage Vert (Green Cloud) HEHE Association 2005 France Realized Combining reality and virtuality nuageVert.jpg Nuage Vert art installation; the vapour emissions from the Salmisaari coal burning power plant were illuminated with a high power green laser animation. The laser drew an outline of the moving cloud onto the cloud itself, colouring it green, turning it into a city scale neon sign, which grows bigger as local residents take control and consume less electricity. Saint-Ouen
Bruit Rose HEHE Association 2004 April France Realized Combining reality and virtuality bruitRose.jpg Bruit Rose by HEHE Association -- Full Page / Project Portfolio / Architecture-Page art installation; The advertising panel suggests an inversed relationship whereby it becomes the receiver to what happens in its immediate environment. The interaction of this installation is based on visualizing the ambient sounds in the environment as well as the passerby. Rue Rosier, Paris Banlieu, Saint Quen
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Deep Walls Scott Snibbe 2003 United States Realized Combining reality and virtuality deep_walls_med.jpg Deep Walls art installation; creates a projected cabinet of cinematic memories. Within each of 16 rectangles, the movements of different viewers within the space are projected, played back over-and-over, and reduced into the space of a small cupboard. Initially, when a viewer or viewers move into the larger rectangle of the entire projection, their shadows begin to be invisibly recorded, and one box within the projection (the eventual destination of the current movements) is cleared out. When all of these viewers leave the larger frame, their shadows are re-played within that smaller, single box, looping indefinitely. San Francisco
Boundary Functions Scott Snibbe 1998 Austria Realized Combining reality and virtuality boundaryFunctions.jpg Boundary Functions art installation; a set of lines projected by an overhead camera through an intermediate mirror onto a retro-reflective floor divides each person from the next in a series of cellular spaces. Linz
tokyo (1999) etc.
permanent: Wolfsburg, GER; Saigomax, Vietnam
Artifacts of the Presence Era MIT Media Lab 2003-2005 United States Realized Combining reality and virtuality presenceEra.jpg Presence Era art installation; the images and sounds produced in the ICA gallery are captured and then visualized as a growing, organic landscape that serves as a historical record. Like its natural counterpart, this process reveals long-term patterns (the rhythm of night and day, periods of great activity or empty silence), while retaining occasionally serendipitous, but often mundane, samples of the passage of life. Boston
Surface Tension Rafael Lozano-Hemmer 1993 Spain Realized Combining reality and virtuality surfaceTension.jpg Projects art installation; an installation with several interactive modules. Originally designed for a technological theatre by TST, the modules consist of animated photos that react to the movements of actors, dancers and the public. Currently the human eye module is shown in a plasma or retro-projection screen with a video-based tracking system that detects the public. Madrid, Anaheim, Nüremberg
Mexico (2004)
Madrid, Basel (2005)
Subtitled Public Rafael Lozano-Hemmer 2005 Spain Realized Combining reality and virtuality subtitledPublic.jpg Projects art installation; consists of an empty exhibition space where visitors are tracked with a computerized infrared surveillance system. As people enter the installation, texts are projected onto their bodies: these “subtitles” consist of thousands of verbs conjugated in third person and they follow each individual everywhere they go. The only way to get rid of a subtitle is to touch someone else: the words then are exchanged between them. Madrid
Camera Music/ Kinetic Shadows Christian Moeller 1997 Japan Realized Combining reality and virtuality cameraMusic.jpg A Time and Place - Christian Moeller art installation; The installation uses a motion detection system fed by a video camera. The moment an observer moves in front of the installation, his figure is abstractly traced by a particle pattern.
The gravitational center of this swarming pattern moves over an invisible audio grid. Depending on the quadrant of the matrix in which the gravitational center of activity is located, the audio system generates a particular sound.
Body Movies Rafael Lozano-Hemmer 2001 Netherlands Realized Combining reality and virtuality body-movies_800.jpg Projects art installation; transforms public space with 400 to 1,800 square metres of interactive projections. Thousands of photo portraits taken on the streets of the cities where the project is exhibited are shown using robotically controlled projectors. However, the portraits only appear inside the projected shadows of local passers-by, whose silhouettes measure between 2 to 25 metres high, depending on how far people were from the powerful light sources placed on the floor of the square. A custom-made computer vision tracking system triggers new portraits as old ones are revealed. Rotterdam
Lisbon, Linz, Liverpool (2002)
Duisburg (2003)

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