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Claudia Escribano LifeLongLearningLab A Big Question on PowerPoint 30-May-2007 20:58:36
Tom Crawford thcrawford PowerPoint - What is Appropriate, When and Why? 30-May-2007 07:52:35
Wendy in-the-middle-of-the-curve More Thoughts on PowerPoint 16-May-2007 15:44:51
Dave Lee eelearning there they go with the powerpoint thing, again! 16-May-2007 00:00:00
LCB Learning Circuits Blog Big Question - PowerPoint 14-May-2007 09:44:15
Jim MacLennan cazh1: on Business, Information, and Technology Five Under-Emphasized PowerPoint Best Practices 13-May-2007 12:38:56
Keith Peter PowerPoint Big Question 12-May-2007 02:59:43
Jacob McNulty Revolutions What’s the Point of Power Point? Or…what’s the Power? 15-May-2007 14:30:15
Shilpa Patwardhan Closed World Presentation Tool? Yes. Teaching Tool? No. 11-May-2007 06:46:18
Geetha Krishnan Simply Speaking Making Presentations 11-May-2007 06:25:10
Dave F. Dave's Whiteboard The power's in the point 10-May-2007 20:48:29
Tony Karrer eLearning Technology PowerPoint - A Question 10-May-2007 15:05:59
Gary Hegenbart eLearning Development News The Value of PowerPoint 10-May-2007 12:51:52
Giulia Calfapietro La Community di LTEver P.P.: What is Appropriate? 10-May-2007 12:17:55
Giulia Calfapietro La Community di LTEver Power Point: What is appropriate? 10-May-2007 12:12:28
Giulia Calfapietro La Community di LTEver Power Point: What is Appropriate, when and why? 10-May-2007 12:10:35
Lanny Arvan Lanny on Learning Technology PowerPoint - Again 10-May-2007 11:45:11
Gabe Anderson Articulate - Word of Mouth Blog 7 Quick Tips for Spicing up Your PowerPoint Design 11-May-2007 09:27:38
Dennis McDonald All Kind Food PowerPoint: The Tool People Love to Hate 11-May-2007 03:31:14
Clive Shepherd Clive on Learning The Big Question: PowerPoint 11-May-2007 01:49:31
TATA INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS TIS Corporate Blog Evil Tools or Evil Uses? 10-May-2007 06:29:07
Karl Kapp Kapp Notes Avoiding Death by PowerPoint 09-May-2007 19:53:55
Wendy in-the-middle-of-the-curve PowerPoint - My Thoughts 09-May-2007 13:40:43
Clark Quinn Learnlets PowerPoint, evil or just a tool? 08-May-2007 09:18:16
Owen Ferguson Learning and Development PowerPoint - What is Appropriate, When and Why? 09-May-2007 08:25:26
Tony Karrer eLearning Technology PowerPoint - Seth's Booklet 08-May-2007 17:05:11
Dennis McDonald All Kind Food Using a Blog for a "Web 2.0" Presentation instead of PowerPoint 08-May-2007 10:45:19
Guy W Wallace The Pursuing Performance Blog The Big Question is... 08-May-2007 07:38:52
Tony Karrer eLearning Technology PowerPoint Preparation is Good 08-May-2007 07:17:18
Jay Cross Internet Time Blog The Big PowerPoint Question 07-May-2007 21:21:14
Mitch Owen Lead2020 Powerpoint: Should you use it? 07-May-2007 19:24:27
Karyn Romeis Karyn's blog This month's big question: PowerPoint 08-May-2007 03:57:23
Mark Frank Learning in Context PowerPoint 09-May-2007 04:40:08
Dennis Coxe Sailing by the Sound Cognitive Load and PowerPoint 08-May-2007 11:57:36
Tony Karrer eLearning Technology Background Reading - Use of PowerPoint 07-May-2007 08:39:55
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