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Developer Since Oct 7, 2006 12:48:15 AM and has published 1 Applications.
Company Name: Zoho
About sriram : With 8 years of experience in Software Programming and 2 years exclusively in Deluge( :the scripting Language behind ZohoCreator), I have a great passion for Data Modeling, Scripting and creating Web Based Applications. Having served in different roles ranging from Software Development, Testing, Quality Assurance, Customer Support and Project Management, i have complete knowledge of a Software Development Life Cycle which aids me in planning and executing the projects well in time without compramising on the quality.

I am quite passionate about socializing with new people. This attribute of mine helps me in interacting with customers, understanding their requirements and arriving at solutions to suit their need. I have quite an amount of experience in Help Desk Management, Customer Support and CRM verticals. In addition i have great urge to master new verticals.

While a small portion of my time goes into dabbling with current affairs, its the sports which eats a good portion of my free time.